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Escape from the ordinary and impress your loved ones by offering them gifts of experience, ultimate relaxation, wellness, royal Care and beauty. Give them the opportunity to experience the mystical ritual, the delightful tradition and the beneficial properties of the Baths of ancient Greece, forgotten today, but a beloved custom of our ancestors, which is definitely worth we bring back to our everyday lives. Give them time and moments away from daily anxieties, physical and spiritual rejuvenation, the “luxury” to be initiated in the secrets of the living in the ancient Greek sense.


 July  2019


It all starts with a warm welcome from us.

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Each of the specially designed for women, men and couples, treatments of Queen Mary Hammam and SPA, can be the ideal and most original gift for any occasion. All you need to do is select one or more of our services (or a sum of money, which will correspond to one or more of them) and offer them as a Gift Card to your partner, a friend or family, or even associates.

Great experience and Royal Care gifts for your loved ones!

Easily, quickly and from the comfort of your home you can get a first idea by studying the options available through our website. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone (210 7251878) or via e-mail (, in order to help you select the gift, which will correspond perfectly to the needs and preferences of your loved one or choose one tha ‘ll be better suited to the occasion.

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The occasions, to give a gift from us to every person that’s important to you, are many:

His birthday, your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, the feast of mother or woman, a significant achievement or event in his/hers life, like his graduation, his promotion, his marriage, a new partnership, the festive days of Christmas and New Year. Do you think of something better than a real surprise gift, with special sentimental value, indicative of your love or appreciation, that can be enjoyed in time of our choosing, alone or not, in the center of Athens?

How to offer gift/Gift Card


  • You can personally collect the Gift Card from our premises and give it by hand to your loved one.
  • We can send by courier your gift/Gift Card directly to the person you want to give it to.
  • You can collect from us by e-mail the Gift Card and send it electronically or give it personally to the person you want.
  • If you choose, personal delivery from you (with pickup from our place) or shipping via courier from us, there is possibility-if you wish-to accompany your gift/Gift Card and with a greeting card or a bouquet or a box of luxurious chocolates.
  • The payment of the prize/Gift Card, which you will choose can be made either electronically or in our place, if you choose to pick up the Gift Card from the Queen Mary Hammam and SPA.
Useful Information and details


By receiving your loved person or your partner the gift of Gift Card should be aware that:

  • It can be updated on the details of the gift you have provided or the services offered (if the Gift Card corresponds to the amount of money), through our website. If you need additional information and guidance can be contacted by phone or e-mail with us and ask to speak with the appropriate person or therapist.
  • The validity of the gift/Gift Card that you have provided is four months and that it is good to close as soon as possible an appointment, so as to enjoy immediately and without stress your gift.
  • You may-after contacting us-change your gift/Gift Card or ask you to do so as long as its four-month validity has not expired.
  • It is possible to extend the duration of your gift/Gift Card, provided that you bring it in person at the site of Queen Mary Hammam and SPA, before the expiry date of its four-month validity.

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