Private events or meetings with loved ones or partners, apart from the usual!


There are undoubtedly many and very beneficial reasons to restore the precious culture and philosophy of Ancient Greek baths in our lives. One of them is that historically and over time were considered ideal spaces, not only for supreme relaxation and wellbeing, but for social interaction and entertainment. An excellent opportunity for intercourse, spiritual and physical regeneration, meaningful and effective communication.

In order to revive this aspect of the beloved custom of our ancestors, Queen Mary Hammam and SPA offers the possibility of organizing Private Events in the premises and exclusive use of Hammam, but also all the services of liquid and Dry space. And all this together with tasty surprises, such as fine delicasies, dark chocolate, refreshing beverages, aromatic tea, champagne… or other special amenities you would like and we can make sure to ensure you.



July 2019


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On a special occasion or not, you can organize a meeting – event beyond the usual, with your friends, your partner or your associates. To share and enjoy together, in a completely “different setting”, absolutely refreshing, luxurious and atmospheric, unique moments that will forever stay in your memory and will elevate your interpersonal and professional relationships.

Celebrate any special moment of your personal or professional life, escaping from the classic choices


At Queen Mary Hammam and SPA,which is located in a privileged and convenient for everyone  location in Kolonaki in the center of Athens, you can celebrate any special moment or special day of your personal or professional life, escaping from the Classic choices.

Photo from our official Portfolio

Queen Mary 2019

And what special circumstances could be the ideal occasion, to give such an original experience to yourself, and to your loved ones or associates?

  • Your birthday or a surprise party for someone you loved.
  • Proposing to the woman of your life or why not to the man of your dreams.
  • The Bachelor party for your wedding or a friend’s.
  • Your wedding anniversary, your acquaintance, your first kiss…
  • Valentine’s Day to celebrate your love with the most romantic and sensual way.
  • Women’s Day to have fun and rejuvenate with your girlfriends or other important women of your life.
  • A team building activity for your employees, a corporate promotion or loyalty to your partners, the Christmas party or the cutting of your business’s pie.

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